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In 1932, Senzaburo Imai who is the foundation person of IMASEN succeeded in domestic production of electric horn for automobiles, and named it "Knight Horn".

Feb. 1939- Established Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1954- Started the production of lamps.
Mar. 1955- Started the production of relays.
Jun. 1958- Started the production of window regulators.
Aug. 1958- Opened Tokyo Branch Office.
Feb. 1960- Opened Hiroshima Branch Office.
Sep. 1962- Established Knight Beam Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1962- Established Knight Denso Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1963- Started the production of aircraft wire harness.
Dec. 1963- Completed Nagoya Plant.
Oct. 1964- Opened Mizushima Liaison Office.
Nov. 1965- Started the production of seat reclining adjusters.
Nov. 1966- Started the production of seat slide adjusters.
Jun. 1967- Established Toyo Koku Denshi Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1968- Established Imasen Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
Jun. 1970- Established Knight Seiki Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1971- Started the production of electromotive wheelchairs.
Aug. 1971- Completed Hiroshima Plant.
Apr. 1974- Established Knight Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1977- Established Meihoku Mitsubishi Motor Sales Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1979- Established Gifu Tokoden Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1982- Merged Knight Seiki Co., Ltd. into Kani Plant.
Apr. 1982- Established Imasen Engineering Corporation.
Aug. 1985- Opened Tochigi Branch Office.
Nov. 1985- Started the production of power seat adjusters.
Oct. 1993- Merged Knight Denso Co., Ltd. into Okayama Plant.
Apr. 1995- Completed Yaotsu Plant.
Jun. 1996- Established Imasen Philippine Manufacturing Corporation in Philippine.
Dec. 1996- Public offering of stock for over-the-counter dealings.
Apr. 1997- Established Imasen Bucyrus Technology Inc. in U.S.A.
Aug. 1997- Acquired the ISO 9001.
May. 1999- Opened new Okayama Plant at a new location.
Oct. 1999- Acquired the QS-9000.
Sep. 2001- Stocks listed on Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Dec. 2001- Established Guangzhou Imasen Electric Ind. Co., Ltd. in China.
Jan. 2002- Acquired the ISO 14001 at all domestic plants & head office.
Jan. 2003- Established Imasen Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
Feb. 2003- Stocks listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Feb. 2004- Acquired the ISO/TS 16949.
Apr. 2004- Merged Knight Beam Co., Ltd. into Harusato Plant.
Apr. 2007- Established Kyusyu Imasen Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2007- Established Imasen Manufacturing India Private Limited in India.
Sep. 2010- Established Imasen Bucyrus Technology Inc. Tennessee Plant in USA.
Mar. 2011- Established Wuhan Imasen Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. in China.
Oct. 2011- Established Wuhan Imasen Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. Xiang Yang Plant in China.
Nov. 2011- Merged CMICRO.
Jul. 2012- Established Imasen Mexico Technology S.A. de C.V. in Mexico.
Aug. 2014- Established PT.Imasen Parts Indonesia.
Apr. 2015- Established IMASEN Global Development & Training Center.
Jun. 2015- Established Germany Branch.