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Producing high quality on the newest and most powerful production equipment

Today, a plant is a production base of a corporation, and therefore needs a broad network. And the "total power," including such network, is a yardstick of the corporation.
IMASEN has its domestic production bases in various areas. They have individual systems of integrated production and quality assurance.
Our information network system links all our plants. By promoting factory automation and introducing the newest and most powerful equipment, we pursue a highest quality producing system.


Nagoya plant

Nagoya plant This plant is the production base of our mechatronics-oriented mechanics division.
Our seat reclining adjusters and seat slide adjusters, which are manufactured through the integrated production processes of this plant from stamping to welding, heat treatment, coating and assembly, enjoy the largest market share in this industry.
A part of this plant specializes in 8-way power seat adjusters (which can steplessly adjust seat positions back and forth, up and down and angularly.) Each product takes rigorous inspections of function and feeling in a soundproofing inspection room before it is shipped out as a finished product.

Address : 1, Aza Kakihata, Inuyama, Aich 484-8507
Site area : 75,104mm
Building floor area : 32,351mm
Main products : Seat adjusters

Gifu plant

Gifu plant This plant has been in operation since June 2007 as a mother plant which determines Imasen group's future success.
Synchronized production line of welding, painting, and assembly enables reduction of work in process inventory.
At the same time, this plant has target on man power saving process, implementation of quality assurance process, and promotion of in-house production.
Also, we are reviewing and improving the productin system in both facility and know-how's aspect, and enhancing "international competitiveness" as a leader in the production of seat adjusters.

Address : 3091-18, Aza Okegahora, Oaza Wachi, Yaotsu, Kamo-gun, Gifu 505-0305
Site area : 58,299mm
Building floor area : 31,470mm
Main products : Seat adjusters

Yaotsu plant

Yaotsu plant This plant is an integrated heat treatment base. It is equipped with the newest and powerful equipment of heat treatment, stamping and broaching.
Using the up-to-date factory automation system, this plant provides a clean and comfortable environment.

Address : 3091-15, Aza Okegahora, Oaza Wachi, Yaotsu, Kamo-gun, Gifu 505-0305
Site area : 22,024mm
Building floor area : 4,899mm
Main products : Seat adjusters

Hiroshima plant

Hiroshima plant As a production base of our electronic unit which is the second main product next to seat adjusters, this plant develops and produces high value-added products with the latest equipment in order to correspond to the car electronics evolution.

Address : 2-14-1, Iida, Hachihonmatsu, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima 739-0146
Site area : 22,953mm
Building floor area : 6,613mm
Main products : ECU, relays and lamps

Kani plant

Kani plant This plant produces power window regulators on our original modern production line.
Our press die and punch production division, equipped with the latest equipment and CAD/CAM system, produces stamping dies and punches of precision parts for use by the entire IMASEN group.

Address : 439-1, Shuga, Kani, Gifu 509-0247
Site area : 20,870mm
Building floor area : 4,979mm
Main products : Window regulators

Okayama plant

Okayama plant This plant produces high-quality and high value-added products as a production base for seat adjusters with new functions auto exterior lamps with a sense of modern design.

Address : 368-3, Mabi-cho, Ichiba, Kurashiki, Okayama 710-1305
Site area : 37,015mm
Building floor area : 14,031mm
Main products : Seat adjusters and lamps

Harusato plant

Harusato plant IMASEN merged a subsidiary company "Knight Beam Co., Ltd." into Harusato plant at April 1, 2004.
This plant produces high-quality resinic products like rear combination lamps and ashtrays with a sense of modern design.

Address : 530-2, Yato, Kani, Gifu 509-0252
Site area : 15,721mm
Building floor area : 9,376mm
Main products : Lamps and ashtrays