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Transmitting the new waves of mechatronics

In the fields of mechanics, electronics and mechatronics, IMASEN has continuously created new products, responding to the infinite and diversified needs of its customers.
By utilizing ever-evolving automotive technologies, we will do our best to develop high value-added products for our customers. we ensure you of our earnest dedication to the realization of suffer and easier life with cars.

-Mechanical products-

Power seat adjuster Mechanical products Seat adjusters
  • Reclining adjusters
  • Slide adjusters
  • Height adjusters
  • Power seat adjusters
  • Driving position memory seats
Window regulators

-Electric products-

Lamps Overhead consoles Lamps
  • Rear combination lamps
  • Interior lamps
  • High-mounted stop lamps
  • Indicator lamps
  • Over head consoles

Relays & Horns Relays
  • Warning units
  • Power seat control units
  • Power relays
  • Mike type horns
  • Air horns

-Other products-

Other products Ashtrays
Magnetic valves
Power servos
Power latches
Speed sensors