Imasen Quick Facts

What kind of Company is Imasen?

Imasen Origin

The Company name is a portmanteau of our founder’s name Senzaburo Imai

Senzaburo Imai

Imasen Logo Origin

In the 1960s, as our products were widely known under the Knight brand, a new company was formulated from the idea of make this image the symbol of the entire Imasen Group.
The design is a stylized sideways impression of a European knight’s armor.

Imasen’s Development

Repeated automotive industry-leading product developments have created today’s storied Imasen Electric

1932 ≫

Japan’s first success in domestic production of horns

1954 ≫

Launched production of lamps

1965 ≫

Launched production of seat reclining adjusters and rails


Launched production of electronic units

Realized manufacturing in response to perceived needs of the day




Imasen maintains a global production and sales structure

Auto makers using Imasen products

Many customers and business partners approve of Imasen technologies and quality, evidence of the trusting relationship we have built with customers.

Imasen Production Capacity

Number of reclining adjusters produced
in one month

Reclining adjusters are a product using two units in each seat

for approximately

 Four units used for driver and passenger seats

Market Share in Japan

Attempted to steadily expand market share
There are probably Imasen products in the car you drive.