Questions about company information

Q When was the company founded?

A In 1932, the founder Imai Sensaburo succeeded in domestically producing the horn and named it “Night Horn”. Imasen
Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established in February 1939.

Q What is your business?

A Our main business is the manufacture and sale of automobile parts, and we manufacture and sell mechanical products such
as seat adjusters, which are mechanical parts for adjusting the seat position of automobile seats, and wind regulators, which
are mechanical parts for raising and lowering windowpanes.
In addition, our main products are electronic products such as electronic units, relays, and horns.
In addition, we have been actively developing businesses in business fields other than automobile parts in the history of
business activities for 80 years, and now, as a group including 13 consolidated subsidiaries, we are engaged in the main
automobile parts business.
And we are engaged in the welfare equipment business, which manufactures and sells electric wheelchairs and artificial legs,
the wire harness business, which manufactures and sells wire harnesses for aircraft and machine tools, and the image
processing business, which manufactures and sells small industrial cameras.

Q What is the main product “Seat Adjusters”?

A It is an adjustment mechanism for automobile seats. There is a function to move the seat back and forth, to go up and down,
and to recline. Since the seats can be moved freely, you can spend a comfortable time while riding, and you can use the
interior space of the car widely.
Reference:Product introduction>Seat Adjusters

Q What is the origin of the company name?

A It is named after the founder, Imai Sensaburo .

Q Please tell us your management philosophy.

A With the formulation of the medium- and long-term management plan 2029, we also reviewed our management philosophy.
The new management philosophy is “By being a “Reliable company” that “Continues to challenge”, we will become
“Company of choice for society”.

Questions about financial results and finance

Q When will the financial results be announced?

A We announce our financial results quarterly. The announcement schedule is for the final financial results to be in mid-May, the first quarter in early August, the second quarter in mid-November, and the third quarter in early February.
Reference:IR Information>Management Strategy>IR Calendar

Q How can I get the financial information?

A After the announcement of financial results, we will post a “Financial Statement” on our website.
Reference:IR Information>IR Reference Room>Financial Results

Questions about stocks

Q When is the listing?

A It was registered over the counter in December 1996, and then went public in September 2001 on the Second Section of the
Nagoya Stock Exchange. After that, it was redesignated as the First Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange in September 2002,
and listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February 2003.The market classification was revised in April 2022, and the company is currently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market and the Nagoya Stock Exchange Premier Market.
Reference:Company Information>History

Q What is the securities code?

A 7266.

Q When is the shareholder settlement date for dividend payment? How much is the dividend?

A Dividends of surplus will be paid to the shareholders listed in the final shareholder list at the end of March and the end of
September. Please see the “Dividend Policy” page for dividends for each period.
Reference:IR Information>Stock Information

Q Is there a shareholder benefit program?

A Basically, we do not provide a dividend to return profits.

Q How many shares are trading unit shares?

A You can purchase from 100 shares.

Q Who should I contact for procedures such as changing my address or changing my name due to inheritance?

A Shareholders who have an account with a securities company should contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank if they do not have an account with the securities company or have opened a special account.
Toll free number +81-120-782-031
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank website https://www.smtb.jp/personal/agency/

Q What are the conditions for having voting rights at a general meeting of shareholders?

A The record date for the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is the end of March every year.
At that time, you need to hold 100 or more shares of our company.