Launched Imasen’s founding product, beloved by many people

February 1939 
Established Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.


February 1947 
Constructed Inuyama Factory in Inuyama Town, Niwa District, Aichi Prefecture (currently Inuyama City) .


June 1954
Launched production of a wide variety of lamps

March 1955 
Started the production of relays.

June 1958
Launched production of arm- and wire-type wind regulators


November 1960
Constructed Okayama Plant in Mizushima City, Okayama Prefecture.

September 1962 
Established Imasen Kogyo Co., Ltd. in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture (changed trade name to Knight Beam Co., Ltd. in 1972) .

December 1963 
Constructed Nagoya Plant in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.

November 1965
Started the production of seat reclining adjusters.

November 1966
Started the production of seat slide adjusters.

September 1968 
Established Imasen Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.


June 1970 
Separated the wind regulator division and established Knight Co., Ltd. in Kani-cho, Kani-gun, Gifu Prefecture
(currently Kani City) .(changed trade name to Knight Seiki Co., Ltd. in 1972).

August 1971 
Constructed Horoshima Plant in Hachihonmatsu-cho, Kamo-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Febrary 1979
Moved the head office to Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.


January 1982 
Merged Knight Seiki Co., Ltd. into Kani Plant.(Currently Kani Plant).

November 1985
Grew to establish core products still delivered to many auto manufacturers today.


October 1993 
Merged Knight Denso Co., Ltd. into Okayama Plant.

April 1995 
Constructed Yaotsu Plant in Yaotsu-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu Prefecture.

July 1996 
Established Imasen Philippine Manufacturing Corporation in Philippine.

Dec 1996 
Public offering of stock for over-the-counter dealings

Entered North America market as Imasen

August 1997
Acquired the ISO 9001.

May 1999 
Constructed new Okayama Plant in Mabi-cho, Kibi-gun, Okayama Prefecture.

October 1999 
Acquired the QS-9000.


September 2001 

December 2001 
Established Guangzhou Imasen Electric Ind. Co., Ltd. in China.

September 2002 
Stocks listed on Nagoya Stock Exchange.

January 2002 
Acquired the ISO 14001 at all domestic plants & head office.

January 2003 
Established Imasen Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

February 2003
Stocks listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.

February 2004 
Acquired the ISO/TS 16949.

April 2004 
Merged Knight Beam Co., Ltd. into Harusato Plant.

June 2007
Start of operation at Gifu Plant.

November 2007 
Established Imasen Manufacturing India Private Limited in India.


September 2010 
Established Imasen Bucyrus Technology Inc. Tennessee Plant in Tennessee, USA

March 2011 
Established Wuhan Imasen Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. in China.

July 2012 
Established Imasen Mexico Technology S.A. de C.V. in Mexico.

August 2014
Established PT.Imasen Parts Indonesia in Bekasi, Indonesia.

Created new businesses and technologies, cultivated global human resources responsible for founding the next generation Imasen Group (Development Center)

Developed a shared management philosophy from Imasen’s Showa Era history based on the theme “learning from the past” envisioning the Company’s ideal future state (History Hall)

June 2015 
Established Germany Branch.

June 2017
Launched aLQ(Non-powered walking assist).

November 2020
 Entered into a capital and business alliance with TS TECH Co., Ltd.

April 2022
 Transferred from 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to Prime/ Transferred from the 1st Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange to Premier.

August 2022
 Mazda Imasen Electric Drive Co., Ltd. (MIED) is established with Mazda Motor Corporation.

October 2023
 Moved from Prime of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to Standard.