Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Recognizing that the protection of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to all humankind, Imasen will conserve nature and resources in all areas of our business activities and conduct activities with due consideration for protection of the global environment.

Code of Conduct

Imasen aims to remain a trusted member of the local communities where we do business by offering customers safety and security through the manufacture of automotive components.
To this end, we have established the following environmental policy and will make every effort to protect the environment.

1. Create an environmental management system, accurately grasp the impact of corporate activities on the environment, set objectives and targets within technically and economically feasible ranges that are regularly reviewed to facilitate continuous improvement.
2. Comply with environment-related laws, regulations and agreements, establish self-management standards as necessary to further protect the environment.
3. Strive to prevent pollution, conserve resources, save energy, recycle, reduce waste and engage in green purchasing in all areas of Imasen business activities.
4. Strive to reduce harmful environmental impacts caused by toxic and other substances leading to ozone depletion and global warming by adopting alternative technologies, converting to alternative substances and engaging in reuse and recycling to the extent possible.
5. Conduct environmental audits and strive to maintain and improve environmental management.
6. Conduct environmental education and in-house public relations activities to help Imasen employees (including dispatched employees, temporary and part-time workers) understand environmental policies and raise awareness of the environment.

The Imasen Environmental Policy is made available to the general public and inculcated among Imasen employees (including dispatched employees, temporary and part-time workers).

Revised on March 16, 2020
Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Environmental Manager

In order to promote Company-wide environmental conservation initiatives, activities are promoted by the organizations shown in the figure below.

Environmental Management System
Construction of environmental management system

We have established an ISO14001 environmental management system and acquired certification for our head office and all our plants.

Setting environmental improvement targets and tracking the progress of activities

We set annual targets in various items such as CO2 emissions and waste reduction, and support activities and track progress toward achieving votes.

Environmental Initiatives (Future Activities)

Photovoltaic Power Generator Installed at the Gifu Plant

Imasen installed captive consumption photovoltaic power generation equipment at the Gifu Plant, which is the mother plant for the seat business, and commenced operations in June 2021. We expect 20% to 25% of the electricity used at this plant will be shifted to solar energy, which will contribute to an approximately 3.5% reduction in Company-wide CO2 emissions. Going forward, Imasen will continue to proactively utilize renewable energy to further reduce CO2 emissions from business activities in order to minimize adverse impacts on the global environment.

Photovoltaic Power Generator Installed at the Gifu Plant

Photovoltaic panel roofing

Photovoltaic Power Generator Installed at the Gifu Plant

Gifu Plant