For the future

We believe that research and development is the most important issue for maintaining competitiveness. We are constantly striving to develop original technologies and conducting research and development as a company that can propose new technologies and new products.

Seat and Electrical Equipment Business

We will make valuable proposals for next-generation cars through two evolutions.

We are aiming to make valuable proposals for the creation of next-generation vehicles by further evolving mechanical technology and fusing it with electronic technology that is being developed.
For example, by utilizing mechanical technology, sensing technology, and control technology, we have developed a “seat that moves at will” by sensing the movement of the occupant from images and pressure, and are proposing seats for autonomous vehicles.

Electronic Business

By increasing the development infrastructure and the number of developers, we will strengthen the development system and grow it into a business that will lead the IMASEN Group.

With the spread of CASE, we are proceeding with research and development under the themes of “lightening,” “power saving,” and “safety.”
We are researching and developing a “lightweight” and “highly efficient” power supply system for driving that utilizes the unique technology of charge / discharge control of lithium-ion batteries. Utilizing sound technology and control technology, we are researching and developing “lightweight” and “low cost” multi-sound systems by modularizing products for approaching vehicles and warning sounds. For these research and development, Hiroshima No. 2 Technical Center was constructed in April 2021 and introduced evaluation equipment for electric drive system and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) evaluation equipment.

Hiroshima No. 2 Technical Center, which started operation in May 2021

EMC evaluation equipment installed at Hiroshima No. 2 Technical Center

Manufacturing / production technology introduction

Based on the philosophy of “world standard high-est quality, low-est cost” research and development, development / design, trial production, design and manufacture of mold jigs / special machines, pressing, welding, machining, surface treatment, resin molding, We strive to improve efficiency and expand total engineering by making full use of consistent manufacturing technology up to assembly.


1500t press machine

Automatic assembly machine

Chain conveyor for painting

AGV (automated guided vehicle)

Abnormal noise inspection of slide rail products

Impact test equipment