Management Philosophy

The environment surrounding the Group is expected to remain uncertain due to the end of the novel coronavirus infection and the associated impact of the 100-year period of major change for next-generation vehicles.
In order to capture these changes in the business environment and respond appropriately, we formulated a new medium- to long-term management plan from 2021 to 2029, and reviewed our management philosophy and action guidelines to suit the times. In order to build trust and take on new challenges for great growth that can not be achieved by one person, we will promote penetration by setting a new word “Trust & Challenge”, and all employees will work together to achieve the plan.

Corporate Motto

Quality products, competitive prices and timely delivery

Management Philosophy

By being a “Reliable company” that “Continues to challenge”,
we will become “Company of choice for society”

Company Slogan

Trust & Challenge

Code of Conduct

  • Understand mutual relationships, think from the perspective of others
  • Don’t blame others, take responsibility for your own actions
  • Always remember gratitude
  • Do not fear failure, do not avoid difficulties and maintain the courage to attempt lofty goals

*Build relationships of trust and try new things

Ideal Position

The Challenges of Personnel Development

  • Cultivating personnel who will become assets of the Company able to contribute to society
  • Achieving new growth through personal growth via meaningful work

Efforts Toward Technological Innovations and Quality

  • The resolution of small issues gives rise to new technological innovations
  • Remove barriers between divisions, leverage comprehensive capabilities
  • Create quality in schematics, mechanisms and onsite capabilities