Product Introduction

Power Seat Adjuster


The seat position can be adjusted electrically by operating the switch. Front and rear slides, seat height, backrest reclining. In the event of a vehicle collision, the driver’s posture is maintained by the locking mechanism of the moving parts and the attachment to the highly rigid vehicle body.

【Product features and technologies】

  • By using a steel plate that achieves both strength and ductility, which is an ultra-high-tensile material, and an integrated movable / brake motor, “lightening to improve fuel efficiency” and “improving collision safety” have been achieved.
  • High-quality parts and high processing / assembly accuracy realize low vibration and low noise operation.
  • Secure space under seat with in-direct operating structure.
  • More than 90% of the overseas supply is locally produced, ensuring the same quality level in the world.

Lightweight and Highly Rigid with a movable / Brake Integrated Motor

Secure space under seat with in-direct operating structure

Rear Combination Lamp


A product that integrates lamps at the rear of an automobile. (Stop, tail, turn signal, backup, reflex reflector, etc.)

【Product Features and Technologies】

  • Two light emitting designs with a light guide lens.
  • Improved appearance by using two colors for the lens/
  • A coating is applied to prevent fogging and freezing inside the lens.
  • Utilizing the technology of automobile lamps, we also develop and manufacture lamps for motorcycles and industrial vehicles in-house.
  • Developed using simulation tools for appearance, light distribution, molding, etc.

Light emitting designs with a light guide lens

Electromagnetic swirl horn


When the horn button is pressed, an electric current flows inside the horn to move the diaphragm, and the reciprocating motion vibrates the air to generate sound.
The sound informs the surroundings of the existence of the vehicle and plays a role in preventing accidents.

【Product features and technologies】

  • Founded product, 1932 Japan’s first successful domestic production of horn.
  • Achieves the highest sound pressure level with the world’s smallest class diameter.
  • A drainage hole and a water cover are set on the body to create a drainage structure.


Inside the Horn

Electronic Business

Power Electronics Products

DC / DC Converter

A high-power power supply unit that converts brake regenerative energy to DC12V to charge batteries and supply power to electrical components.
(Adopted for MAZDA’s i-eloop system)


  • Power Conversion
  • Step down the maximum DC25V capacitor voltage to DC12V
    Voltage conversion efficiency: 90% or more Maximum power: 1kW

【Product Features and Technologies】

  • Cost reduction is achieved by a multi-phase converter with the optimum number of phases for the required output power.
  • EMC products with low noise level. Safety design that does not become dangerous even in the event of an internal failure.

Body Control Module

Power Seat / Seat Heater Control ECU

It controls the motor of the electric power seat and memorizes the position of each part. Control the seat heater to keep it at a comfortable temperature.


  • Memory power seat control (ASIL-A compatible)
  •   ・Control slides, reclers, tilts and height motors.
      ・Memory 9 position memory.
       ※Linear speed control is possible by semiconductor drive.

  • Seat heater control
  •   ・The temperature is controlled in 4 steps (Hi / Mid / Lo / OFF) by feeding back the indicated value of the thermistor.
      ・It has a function to detect overvoltage of the power supply and protect the power supply surge.

【Product Features and Technologies】

By changing from the conventional relay control to semiconductor control, ultra-thinness, high durability, and quietness have been achieved.
Motor control can be linear speed control by PWM control.

Safety related products

Backup power supply

Low cost backup power supply unit for unlocking doors


Even if the in-vehicle battery power supply is cut off in the event of a vehicle collision, power is supplied to the door ECU to unlock the door.
(Enables smooth occupant rescue from the outside after a vehicle collision)

【Product Features and Technologies】

  • By boost-charging the power storage element (electric double layer capacitor) and outputting it directly, the utilization rate of the electric double layer capacitor capacity is increased, the capacity is reduced, and the cost is reduced.
  • Excellent EMC performance realizes resinification of the case to reduce weight and cost.